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    Lineage 2 High Five x10
    With unique new features for you

    Opened 5 May 2023

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    How to Play

    L2Kod is a unique High Five server, that is built based on new, unseen, unique, and interactive ideas and changes, to provide the best game experience for the players of our precious game Lineage II.

    Unique interface & auto-farm

    Providing a lot of features our new game interface will give you the opportunity to configure your automatic farm based on your game style at the same time that you have a fast and smooth gameplay.

    Free to play friendly

    With the custom style of our server, you'll be able to play without spending money and always be competitive. Just get all the resources you need within the game from Monsters, Raids & Events.


    Game Rates

    Safe Enchant +4

    Maximum Enchant Unknown

    Scroll chance 60%/80%/100%

    Adena/Drop/Spoil 10x/10x/3x

    Exp/Sp 10x/10x

    Buff Time 2h



    Donation Coins

    This is a real NO P2W Server. With the passing of time, some monsters gradually degenerated, until they become so powerfull that we call them "Champions". Thus, Donation Coins can now be obtain in game by killing this "Champions", by making Daily Quest or by Voting. In this way, the best players can really show their true potential.


    Custom Items and More

    Never seen before. New custom weapons, custom armors, custom cloaks, custom abilities, custom accessories, bring the game play to another level. Through our custom NPCs, you can now personalize your character and make it unique and more powerful than ever.



    Now the sky is no more the limit. With perseverance and hard work anyone can have the unique opportunity to venture into the clouds... Unlock the new dimension of the game with the special button available in [.user] menu, to ride the most powerful beast from the world of lineage.


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    After voting, all received rewards can be found in the Warehouse.

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